Sailing tours of the beautiful River Fal

The River Fal lies between Falmouth and Truro. Our boat tours are about experiencing being under sail and taking time to discover the rivers nature and heritage.

Our sailing trip schedule
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Our sailing schedule

We offer 'share the sail' trips, and 'private hire' sailing trips.

Generally, our sailing trips are 2 hours, 4 hours and 7 hours. We offer the 2 and 4 hour sailing trips throughout the week, and schedule all day trips at the weekends.

For 'share the sail' trips of 2 hours or 4 hours we charge £20 per person and £40 per person respectively. There is no minimum number of people required for 'share the sail' trips, though you may be joining others if the group is less than 6.

If you want a more exclusive trip, private hire is available. 2 hour, 4 hour and all day trips cost £120, £240 and £420 respectively. This includes up to 6 people.

All of our sailing trips should be booked in advance.


We want you to have to best experience possible on the water so we will not sail when the conditions are unfavourable. This means we sometimes ask you to consider moving a booked sailing trip to another day. We typically sail in wind strength up to Beaufort force 4 (Moderate breeze).

All safety equipment included. Lifejackets for adults and children are available.



Our season typically runs between May and September

Important COVID-19 update

Sailing trips are scheduled by contacting us with your desired date.

If you will be on holiday in Cornwall or have a special celebration this summer please enquire now.

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2 hour sailing trips £20 per person

Sailing barge Drifter in the River Fal

Being under sail is a wonderful experience, especially on a traditional sailing vessel.

We welcome individuals, couples, groups etc. to join our 'share the sail' or 'private hire' trips and the maximum number of passengers is 6.

New to sailing? Don't worry we keep things very relaxed. The experienced and knowledgable owners Neil & Debbie take care of all the sailing.

These trips typically start at Malpas near Truro. Neil and Debbie have extensive knowledge of the river and will take advantage of any chance to get under quiet sail.

The River Fal is surprisingly unspoilt place with an abundance of wildlife. Along the length of river and amongst the steep and densely wooded shores lie discrete signs of the rivers heritage and industry from ancient times to modern.

We will tour past landmark locations including Tolverne, Tregothan, Trelissick and the Carrick Roads.

These trips usually encompass a trip down river to the start of the Carrick Roads, before returning up river to Malpas.

Alternatively, a longer 4 hour trip is available which often allows us to spend time sailing in the Carrick Roads and/or some time at anchor.

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4 hour sailing trips £40 per person

Sailing barge Drifter family sailing

A 4 hour (half day) sailing trip enhances your time on the water as we can sail a little further from our starting point.

As well as the enchanting River Fal we will usually be able to sail in the sheltered waters of the Carrick Roads (Falmouth harbour) perhaps including locations such as Mylor, Restrongeut, St Just, St Mawes etc.

Where we sail and the distance we can cover is dependent on the wind and tide and is what makes every one of our sailing trips different, but always a delight.

We will typically include a short stop at anchor, where there is time to enjoy the surroundings and lunch, or even a swim.

Passengers on these trips have enjoyed the very best of the sailing area around Falmouth and the crew are happy to share their knowledge of its heritage and industry.

These trips can be scheduled for weekdays and weekends.

We also offer a longer 7 hour trip.

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Private boat hire

Sailing barge Drifter sailing past Trelissick

The barge is available for private hire for any duration from 2 hours to all day. Any itinerary and activity will be considered including special events, picnics at anchor, family and friends outings, river tours, wild swimming, romantic cruising, wedding transport etc.

The cost for 2 hours, half day and all day are £120, £240 and £420 respectivley.

Note that we do not provide food and drink, but can recommend an excellent picnic hamper supplier or you can prepare your own. We do have a BBQ on board which we are happy to set up.

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Day sailing trips

Sailing barge Drifter in the River Fal

Our 7 hour day sailing trips are very affordable at £420 and are private hire, with up to 6 people.

These can be scheduled at weekends, though occasionally we are able to offer them during the week.

These trips give you the opportunity to fully absorb the beauty and spirit of the area, including its nature and heritage.

During a day sail we can explore most of the Falmouth area which can include the River Fal, St Mawes, St Just, Mylor & Falmouth. If the weather allows we can choose to sail out of the harbour and into Falmouth Bay. The day will include anchoring for a picnic lunch and swimming.

Our day sails are fantastic family days out, and we will consider any pickup/drop location, itinerary and activities.

Drifters seating and helm area is spacious, comfortable and a great place to socialise. The experienced crew 'Neil & Debbie' take care of all the sailing.

You are welcome to bring along your own picnic and drinks to enjoy. We do carry a BBQ on board which we are happy to set up.

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Sailing experience gift vouchers

Sailing barge Drifter experience voucher

A sailing experience is a fantastic affordable gift. You can gift a sailing experience of 2 hours or 4 hours which can be redeemed at any time throughout the sailing season (Spring, Summer and Autumn). A 2 hour sailing experience is £20 per person, a 4 hour sailing experience is £40 per person.

We can also produce vouchers for exclusive private hire from 2 hours to all day.

The voucher is presented on card in beautiful full colour, and is 6 x 4 inch. We are happy to include any personal message making the voucher even more special.

If you have received a sailing experience voucher, please get in touch about our sailing schedule.

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Under sail...

The crew of sailing barge Drifter

Our aim is to get Drifter under sail for as much of your trip as possible.

When under sail, we raise at least one of the sails and turn off the engine. The relaxing sounds of the rippling water, watching the local wildife and looking at the sail gently move us along will entrance you.

Drifter by name, Drifter by nature... we keep things as relaxed as possible.

Where we sail to during any trip, and how much time is spent under sail is dependent on wind direction/strength, also on tides/currents. We endeavor to sail as much as possible but will need to use the engine when necessary if winds are very light, to complete a trip in a given time or to avoid shipping or hazards.

Trips into the upper parts of the River and creeks are usually performed under power but occasionally possible under sail.

The picture shows us sailing along in the rarely visited Ruan creek, which heads inland to the source of the River Fal.