Sailing trips from Truro. Our 2019 season.

At anchor at Trelissick, at the southern end of the River Fal

Our sailing season 2019 has come to an end. Although our tours are very dependent on the weather we are happy to say we were out on the water for almost all of our planned sailing trips. The River Fal is beautiful whether it is spring, summer or autumn and each part of the season offers unique experiences. We both have a real passion for the River Fal, its nature and heritage and are already looking forward to new adventures in 2020.

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Sailing in Cornwall, a relaxed and family friendly activity!

Many people have a perception of a sailing trip as being a boat heeled over, splashing and bouncing its way excitingly across choppy waters. While this might be true of many sailing trips and what some people want to experience, we aim to offer something quite different.

Sailing in our minds can be a gentle, engaging and magical experience suitable for all generations of family, friends and individuals. We aim to tempt those who have never sailed before onto the water, but also for the experience to be appreciated by seasoned sailors. It should not be just about sailing, but also about discovering and seeing a beautiful area in a way that enhances the journey. Being under sail should bring about a feeling of having a closer connection to an areas nature and heritage. This is what we offer onboard ‘Drifter’.

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Sailing past the King Harry Ferry, River Fal, Cornwall.

The crew onboard Sailing barge Drifter exploit every chance to get under sail. This is what makes every one of our sailing trips different.

Different wind conditions and states of tide mean the challenge that we set ourselves is always that, a challenge. Sometimes it is an easy sail over the current, other times there is need to tack and gybe (changing direction often) to find the best route. On some occasions we also have to concede defeat, but usually only because the time that passengers have onboard is limited and there is a lot to see, and so the engine is started but only used until such time that we can get under sail once more.

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