July 4th 2020 Coronavirus Update.

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On 23rd June, Boris Johnson announced easing of the Coronavirus restrictions within England from the 4th July. In particular, general social distancing will be reduced to a minimum of 1m+ and many tourism/hospitality based businesses can begin to reopen.

We have looked very carefully at these announcements and emerging clarifications,  also our commercial license regulations and have also undertaken a well considered risk assessment with regard to the shared crew/passenger area (cockpit) onboard Drifter.

We have had to reluctantly conclude that due to the nature of the cockpit layout and the physical handling of our barge under sail we cannot ensure a Covid-19 safe environment. This is mostly with regard to the still essential 1m+ social distancing.

The need for the crew to move within the cockpit to tend to our steering, winches and lines makes 1m+ social distancing between ourselves and passengers impossible, even with a reduced number of passengers.

We do understand how much people are looking forward to once again joining us on the water and hopefully that will not be too far away.

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